[script]My Cornerstone Story from Japan to Vancouver

My Cornerstone Story 🇯🇵→🇨🇦

Hi, everyone. It's Fumiya.
Today I want to talk about my cornerstone story, it includes introducing myself, about Vancouver, my Motivations my Goals and conclusion.

Who I am

At first, let me introduce myself. My name is Fumiya. I'm from Nara, Japan.
After graduating the university, I started a career as a Software Engineer.
A few years later, I have been feeling vague anxiety about the future. To be honest, I was regretting not going to study abroad and I felt the complex not to speak English well.
In general, software engineers can work anywhere. Moreover, this pandemic boosts remote work, so it is now welcomed.
I didn't want to miss this opportunity.
I wondered when I will be able to speak English now, or never.
Finally, I made up my mind and decided to move abroad.

Why I decide to move to Vancouver

Next, let me explain why I choose Vancouver.
1st, I had a choice of Southeast Asian countries and Europe, though I choose Canada from any countries because Canada is an English Native Country. I thought it was the fastest way to improve my English skill.
2nd reason is about immigrants. It's said that one in five Canadians was born outside Canada. Moreover, 80% of population growth is due to immigrants. In other words, it is easy to live and work from a foreigner's point of view. The country, society, and company are ready to accept immigrants.
3rd and final reason is that there are many US tech companies in Canada. Companies such as GAFAM have set up branch offices and are becoming the cutting edge of new technologies. so people are gathering for the highest tech level. For now, we have a tough time to get VISA in the US, but the company hiring foreigners in Canada is increasing. So I think there are many chances to get a job for foreigners in Canada.

My motivations

The next topic is about my motivations.
Before start working, I need more communication skill which includes vocabulary, fluently and listening. little by little, I will stop hesitating to speak English in these 2 weeks. If I didn't attend this ESL class, I couldn't get this change. I appreciate it so much. I'll keep studying every day.
That is one side of my motivation for English.
On the other hand, I'm looking forward to taking the Web and Mobile App Development course. I thought I don't need to take it because I have already known about the knowledge, skills, or something.
Although, if I learned with English again about the terminology in technology stuff and the cultural difference, I could work smoother than without getting input.
As I mentioned before, I'm coming to work as a Software Engineer, so I needed to Working VISA. therefore, I decided to enter Cornerstone and get Co-op VISA. This allows me to work for 2 years. This period is very attractive and so motivated to me.

My goals

And the final topic is about my goal.
The first of my goals is to get a native-level English proficiency. For that, I want to make many friends, take more conversations, more chances of job interviews, more chances of presentations. This is my reasons why I came to Canada. I'm going to focus on.
The second one is working experience. If I work a company for more than a year, I would be happy. There is needed for professional interview measures, so a few months later I'll try it too.
Moreover, 2 years later, I want to keep working in Vancouver but I know it's a difficult situation.
Even if I return to Japan, if I acquired English that allows me to work an important role in a global company, I could say that my study abroad was a success. I'm very happy just to have more choices in my life.


To sum up, Canada is good for foreigners.
I came here to improve English skill and get a job as a Software Engineer. I need to prepare for a new job as soon as possible. but sometimes I need to take some rest, I'm going to enjoy Vancouver life.
That's all!
Thank you for listening!
Please look forward to me in the future. bye!