Hi 👋  I'm Fumiya Yamanaka, a skilled and aspiring iOS developer with over 5 years of experience in the software industry. My focus area for the past few years has been iOS development with UIKit although I've been keeping to acquire skills by creating indie apps with SwiftUI. I'm very ambitious and self-motivated.

👨‍💻 Creating

I like to enjoy creating new things with coding or any way to do. When I come up with new ideas, I try to do it at first, review the prototype, and get the feedback. I mostly write coding for building an app, but have experienced built 3D models with Blender or create IoT with raspberry Pie.

💪 Workout

It’s been for more 3 years since I started to work out. I have’t been doing so much serious at first though, thanks to lockdown, I used to get to like workout much more recently. It makes me healthier and more active in good way. Rome wasn’t build in a day. So are muscles. I continue to spend time to do it until die.

📕 Reading

I love reading. This is one of the things to thank my parents because reading is regularly my habit and that made me curious about anything. I always want to fulfill my desire of acquiring knowledge. This is not only about technology, but also economics, mental health, self-development, etc. I also read fantasy or mystery novel.

🛫 Traveling

I also love to go anywhere else. When I first came to Canada, I felt like a traveler, but I would like to explore more of the Americas. Traveling always gives me a fresh and new perspective, and the uncertainty is exciting and the feeling of not being able to experience it in everyday life is addictive.