Let's make a challenging year!

I don't like the expression "With the intention of including some self-descipline", I write down to cheer me up.
I had been spending safely in 2020. It means non provocative.
There was nothing special in my mind to look back.
Though I did indie making, for now, I could not update.
Though I had a lot of work for a while, I could not remain anything.
There is no chance to improve me without a big challenge and experience to fail.
For instance, Victoria Tran, who works as a game marketer, experienced a lot of failures.
please watch this video if time allows because the concrete example is so interesting.
However, she positively views failure as "I want to learn the maximum when I fail."
I think the most important thing is thoroughly to reflect on the cause investigation and recurrence prevention measures without leaving the failure as it is.
I learned that the simplest method to step up the stairs of growth is only to repeat the cycle of "challenge, fail, reflect".
I swear to make 2021 a year to challenge many times and fail big.