29 years old

I have no choice to write my mind down in my native tongue.
This year was tough for me. I faced a lot of accidents and events caused by a lack of expectation or imagination.
A blessing in disguise is I got a job offer officially and can keep working at the company as a paid job. Dream comes true. I deserve my endeavor. I’m proud of myself for being to stay consistent with my desire. I almost gave up on all of them. I thought I couldn’t live in Vancouver, or I didn’t want to do that anymore.
This year’s goal is apparently to get a PR in Canada. I hadn’t thought about it until I came to Canada, though it is worth giving a shot. That’s one of the reasons to explore a new place and get out of Japan. Therefore, lately, I’ve been researching the system and what kind of way they have.
There are many topics I came up with and want to note.

English Test

I regret not adequately studying English. The typical language test needs us to prove communication skills in the output style, such as speaking and writing. There are some tips to improve my skills, but I haven’t tried them for a while. Moreover, my weakness is when I need some imagination to make things up in the exam. I am pretty bad at that kind of scheme. I wouldn’t say I like it because it seems like a lie. Anyway, I can’t avoid this path to choose life in Canada.

Job hunting

This was the most challenging difficulty in my life. I still can’t believe I got mine. At last, I tried twice to be an action in the job market. I felt the factors we can get a job is divided roughly 2. One is controllable, and the other is uncontrollable—the former concerns technical skill level, communication skills, strategies, and preparations. The latter is a change in the job market, compatibility with the company, the timing at which the company wants to hire, etc. All I learned from the experience is don’t count on uncontrollable matters and focus on your controllable elements and make your effort to improve them.
I should post an article about this. I hope it can come one day.


Since I got my job, my mental stability has improved so much. Until then, my income was relatively lower than my outcome, and I was spending my saving. I felt anxious and unpleasant when my rescue was under the bar I could tolerate. I must have made up my mind for the worst-case scenario, though, the face was wrong, and I could have done anything like that. I’m satisfied with my current situation financially. I will make time to make money alone when everything around me to live in Canada settle down.

Social life

I don’t have friends like those I imagined before coming here, like organizing fancy parties every week. Fortunately, I have a few friends to hang out with sometimes and some close friends with who I can say anything. It’s so arrogant, though. I wanted as many friends as I could. The reason is it would give me many opportunities to cherish my Vancouver life and be helpful to contribute my English skills. Honestly, I don’t have many friends who I talk in English. I expected I have more smooth and more fluent English skills that sound like native speakers. Moreover, I tend to feel lonely if I don’t have any plans on the weekend or after work on weekdays. It’s so dull and killing me. This year, I’ll give a shot to attend social events as much as possible. Additionally, I want to overcome the fear of public speaking and acquire the confidence to speak English through accurate and interactive communication.

Wrapping up

I’ve been trying to write my thought down in English. I need to take IELTS(CELPIP), so this was a part of my practice to test my writing skills. I could’ve had more vocabulary and idioms. But this is the truth. This is what I’ve been doing so far.
Since I came here, I’ve been dealing with many stuff which caused stress. At the same time, this deals with living in a foreign county. The essential mind is to enjoy anything. I said a similar quote last year. Honestly, this must be my life motto. Enjoy your life!