[script]Review on ESL for 2 months

It has already passed a week after I had done my English Second language class for 2 months.
I'm taking the class of Web And Mobile App Diploma. However, at this time, I want to look back in this 2 months about my English skills.
I've learned a lot of things like not only grammar and vocabulary, but also how to write compliment letter and cover letter for getting a job.
Moreover, I've experienced cross-cultural exchange with my classmates and my respectful teacher.
So I'll share my thought in divided some topics. At first, I'll share what I've learned from perspective of study. Next topic is opportunity to speak English. Finally, I'll discuss about which is better classroom or online to take the class.
Let's get started!

What I've learned

First of all, There were amount of knowledge about English which I didn't know.
For example, I had learned English with Japanese so I didn't know how to say the words such as Homophones, chunk, tag questions, etc.
I had to memorize a lot of things, it's including many vocabularies. When I was in Japan, I had tried to study new words. However, the number of words when I memorize at this time is more than when I was in Japan obviously.
Moreover, we had learned about grammar, how to write complaint letter, the difference of expression when ask to someone. I can't count all of them and say I'm using for now. But, one day I wish I would recall some knowledge when talking.

Opportunity to speak English

Next topic is the opportunity to speak English. This is my reason why I came to Canada.
In Japan, I was using online class service, which is DMM eikaiwa, but time is limited and I didn't have a confidence to talk with someone even if daily conversations.
since there are Our teacher and some of classmates, I could have the chance to talk and discuss as a part of our class. That was fantastic time.
Unfortunately, Most of classmates were Japanese so I felt relieved and talked in Japanese sometimes. I reflect on what I've done but it is what it is. I don't regret any of it.

Which is better classroom or online?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun time in the class.
Actually, I took the online class from Japan at first week and in quarantine, I took the class from home for 2 weeks.
Being forced to stay at home for 2 weeks was so hard and boring. Based on my experiences, I want to recommend to go to the classroom instead of taking the online class.
I couldn't talk with someone if I were online. This is kind of meaningless and I felt waste of time.
You know what the best way to improve language skills is speaking your thought. Chatting your classmates gives you this opportunity. If you're an international student and considering whether going a classroom or not, I think you should try to go. You don't need to be afraid.


I've reviewed my ESL experience for 2 month.
This gave me a confidence to talk in English.
Finally, I can move on the next stage.
Although, I know my English could be more naturally and fluently.
I should study harder and harder and I will keep posting this podcast.
I would like to thank you to listening this podcast at the last.
See you next time!