[script]Goals Q4 2021

Hi, I'm Fumiya.
Welcome to lifelong leaner podcast.
Today, I will show you my goals in 2021.


I wasn't enable to update this show because I was little busy and didn't come up with the idea that I've wanted to share here. My life goes on by the way, actually I straggle with a social life and dev life in Vancouver, which means how I make more friends and what kind of app I should build or how I update my resume. In those months, I have learned Server Side Swift by Vapor, GraphQL, machine learning, and AR App. There are so many lessons I've learned but I didn't satisfied with their output. The reason is that I don't feel it's not connecting directly to getting a new job. I came to Vancouver for working here but I felt like going wrong way.
Therefore, I've decided new goals in 2021. It's one of my milestones and based on thought to achieve my life goal.

Get a job

First of all, I need a job. This is a fundamental element for step up. I had given up getting the job in this terms because it feels hard for person who can only work 20 hours per week because of visa. Even so, one of my friends got the job despite he was in the same situation. This was a happy news and gave me the possibility. At the same time, I realized I can't make excuses. The reason I couldn't get the job might just my procrastination. I need to do my best effort for getting a new job as a software engineer.
So that, I'm challenging algorithm practice, for instance, solve the problem on Leedcode everyday. Moreover, I prepare for interview questions and take mock interviews. I've never taken both the phone interview and Virtual Onsite Interview. I guess I can't talk for 4 hours in English. It will be tough time and consume my entire power in a day. Although, I can't avoid this route if you want to work in Big Tech. I have to do that.

TOEIC to 900 points

I have to improve my English skill because this is the reason why I came here. The recent lesson is speaking ability can't be improved if only living. I knew it. I need more vocabularies and a listening skill to understand what others say. For that reason, I decided to aim the score to 900 points at TOEIC. TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication. There is only reading and listening test. In fact, I won't take a real test but an app provides me to take the similar test. With taking it a few times in a month, I expect my score grows little by little.

Release new app

I have one more another goal. It's releasing a new app. I haven't decided what kind of app I release though. At this time, I don't stick to technology like os or frameworks, but I want to build a thrilled and useful app. In a year, I couldn't complete the app. I had felt like I was getting not to be enthusiastic to create an app. I don't know the reason. I wanna know a joy to publish my work to all over the world.

Wrapped up

I don't wanna regret and waste time. I heard the most regrettable thing for the dying people is that they had not challenged and acquired to their desire.
I'll keep moving forward to my life goal so that I'll do my best.
Thank you for listening today.
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